• King of Lanling (Starring: Feng Shao Feng, Ariel Lin, Daniel Chan)

    A general so beautiful that his face must be hidden on the battlegrounds. A general so fierce and loved that he was killed by the emperor out of jealousy and fear.  The legendary role of the most alluring general in Chinese history will finally be brought to life with actor Feng Shaofeng.

    After a successful tour in the film world with roles opposite Liu Yifei, Yang Mi and Fan Bingbing,   Feng Shaofeng returns  to TV for General Lanling/ Masked Beauty.  According to a fairly credible fan’s weibo, his manager said that in addition to playing the title role, Feng Shaofeng will also act as an executive producer for the series.

    The role is a major risk for the new film star since if it flops, it might tarnish his successful image he has built as a budding film star.  Plus, rumor has it he turned down Zhao Wei’s directorial debut for the role.  The plot summary, based on SARFT’s descriptions, is a bit on the fanfiction romance side, which has me worried.   After a successful role as one of the most “manly” generals in Chinese history, will he also succeed as one of the most “feminine?”

    Thoughts on this: OMG YES! Finally another Ancient Series which Ariel Lin will play. Seeing the concept art, it looks like the costumes are gonna be really amazing. I can't wait to see more about it! I'll post more pics as they come out.